39. Wissenschaftliches Seminar, 11. September 2017

Vortrag von

  • Dr. Ulrich Stoetzer (The Swedish Work Environment Authority, Arbetsmiljöverket)

In Sweden, the provisions about organizational and social work environment came into effect in March 2016. The labor market and working life have changed as has knowledge about what causes form the basis of work-related ill health in the working life of today. Social and organizational factors are the second most common cause of reported occupational illnesses, after musculoskeletal factors. This concerns about a third of all reported occupational illnesses and is an increase of 70 per cent since 2010. The new provisions have been developed in consultation with the labor market partners, and have a focus on preventive work environment management. These regulations concretize the Swedish Work Environment Act, which is a general legislation, and clarify – as well as supplement – the systematic work environment management that all employers are obliged to carry out. The provisions regulate knowledge requirements, goals, workloads, working hours and victimization. Two of the primary risks for work-related stress to arise are high workload and problems affecting the social interplay at the workplace. Another common cause is related to working time, for example shift work. The employer can prevent work-related stress through organizational measures. It can be about increasing resources in order to carry out the work, or reducing the demands at work. The employer has the responsibility that victimization is prevented. A starting point for preventing risks of bullying and victimization is that the employer looks over the organizational and social conditions at the workplace. The presentation will shortly describe the background of the provisions. The provisions will then be presented thematically with regard to what they are regulating. Finally, there will be a short reflection on experiences of the first year with the provisions.


PD Dr. Anne Marit Wöhrmann

Wissenschaftliche Leiterin
Fachbereich 3 "Arbeit und Gesundheit"

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