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Technische Regeln für Gefahrstoffe (TRGS)

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Hier finden Sie alle bisher publizierten Technischen Regeln für Gefahrstoffe (TRGS), Bekanntmachungen zu Gefahrstoffen (BekGS) und Beschlüsse des AGS in ihrer aktuellen Fassung.

Englische TRGS

TRGS 400 "Risk assessment for activities involving hazardous substances"

TRGS 401 "Risks resulting from skin contact - identification, assessment, measures"

TRGS 402 "Identification and assessment of the risks from activities involving hazardous substances: inhalation exposure"

Announcement 409 "Using REACH-information for health and safety at work"

TRGS 420 "Process- and substance-specific criteria (VSK) for identifying and assessing inhalation exposure"

TRGS 460 "Recommended course of action for determining the state of the art"

TRGS 510 "Storage of hazardous substances in non-stationary containers"

TRGS 512 "Fumigations"

TRGS 519 "Asbestos: Demolition, reconstruction or maintenance work"

TRGS 521 "Demolition, reconstruction and maintenance work with biopersistent mineral wools"

Announcement 527 "Manufactured nanomaterials"

TRGS 528 "Welding work"

TRGS 523 "Pest control using highly toxic, toxic and health hazardous substances and preparations"

TRGS 555 "Working instruction and information for workers"

TRGS 558 "Activities involving high-temperature wool"

TRGS 559 "Mineral dust"

TRGS 600 "Substitution"

TRGS 611 "Restrictions on the use of water-miscible or water-mixed cooling lubricants whose use can result in the formation of N-nitrosamines"

TRGS 615 "Restrictions on the use of anticorrosion agents whose use can lead to the formation of N-nitrosamines"

TRGS 619 "Substitute materials for aluminium silicate wool products"

TRGS 800 "Fire protection measures"

TRGS 910 "Risk-related concept of measures for activities involving carcinogenic hazardous substances"


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