Quality Requirements for Electrical Products

This page provides information on the essential quality requirements for electrical products to be launched on the market.

The most important criterion is the safety of the product. In case of intended use, as well as unintended but foreseeable use, e.g. misuse, electrical products may not pose a risk to humans or to legal goods, such as farm animals or property values.

Quality requirements for electrical products are laid down in several laws and regulations. For individual product groups such as medical products and energy systems, there are separate laws determining the quality requirements for the respective group. The quality requirements for most product groups are summarised in the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). Additionally, a number of other laws and regulations place further demands on electrical products:

  • Electrical Equipment Act (ElektroG)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Act (EMVG)
  • Energy Consumption Labelling Regulation (EnVKV)
  • Equipment and Machinery Noise Protection Regulation (32nd BlmSchV)
  • Equipment and Machinery Noise Protection Regulation (32nd BlmSchV)

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