DASA Working World Exhibition

The DASA Working World Exhibition exhibition in Dortmund provides the public with basic and introductory information about the world of work. It is one of the largest technical museums in Germany and unique in Europe.

The exhibition centres on humans and their physical, psychological, social and cultural needs.

The exhibition design has received several awards and allows visitors to experience the concept of labour in the past, present and future, using all their senses. It invites the public, such as families, school pupils and specialised visitors, to participate and experiment. Each year, approximately 185,000 people visit the DASA exhibition.

Apart from the 13,000 m² of permanent exhibition space, the DASA ExCenter and DASA Gallery also offer two areas for temporary exhibitions.

DASA regularly holds events, including the following:

  • vocational orientation formats for teenagers, new since 2020: "JobVille" - a (for now) digital platform for entering the world of work as well as programs addressing environmentally friendly and fair working conditions
  • the scenography colloquium for museum curators, architects, exhibition designers and interested parties in the educational and cultural sectors as well as in the creative arts.

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