Mental Workload

According to the international standard DIN EN ISO 10075-1: 2018-01, "mental stress" is defined as the "total of all assessable influences impinging upon a human being from external sources and affecting that person mentally", i.e. cause reactions in thinking, feeling, perceiving, remembering, etc.. This includes both work demands, such as requirements to control one's own emotions, and working conditions, such as working hours or support from superiors, colleagues. Mental stress goes hand in hand with every activity and affects every working person. It can have a stimulating and activating effect and promote learning processes and competence development of workers. However, depending on the type, intensity and duration, as well as the current conditions of the individuals, it can also lead to stress responses, mental fatigue, mental satiation, monotony or reduced vigilance and have long-term adverse health effects.

For further detailed information please refer to our German Website.

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