Division 1 Changing World of Work

Division 1 'Changing World of Work', is concerned with the future challenges for occupational safety and health arising from the changing world of work. The division's work helps to objectify the debate on the future of work and to focus on the human dimension of work.

Three units, 'Working Time and Flexibilisation', 'Monitoring Working Conditions', and 'Structural Change and Work Organisation; Project Coordination The New Quality of Work Initiative' are concerned with the key issues relevant to this role. The 'Working Time and Flexibilisation' unit observes trends in working times, location/time-flexible working, and the impacts of technological change on employees’ workloads and stress levels. The 'Monitoring Working Conditions' unit supplies well-founded, empirical data for the development and conceptualisation of sustainable future activities. The 'Structural Change and Work Organisation; Project Coordination The New Quality of Work Initiative' unit analyses how organisations and forms of work are evolving. Among other things, the focus is on organizational frameworks and cultures. Furthermore, the unit coordinates the project support of the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA) within the BAuA and advises the BMAS on the derivation of results from INQA projects. In addition, it supports the BMAS in publicising procedures for the funding of INQA projects.

The 'Coordination and Information Office for the Minimum Wage' provides both administrative and technical support to the Minimum Wage Commission established by the German Federal Government, enabling the Commission to fulfil its duties. The unit 'Coordination Office National Conference on Occupational Safety; Event Management' delivers organisational support for the National OSH Conference, aiding the Conference’s efforts to implement the Joint German OSH Strategy. The 'Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health' assists the German Federation in exercising its legal supervision of the federal states, so helping ensure the inspection activities conducted by the federal states can be assessed on the basis of reliable, robust data.

The perspectives and expertise of the units 'Coordination Office National Conference on Occupational Safety' and the 'Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health' are brought together via the unit 'Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Systems in transformation; Coordination Occupational Safety and Health structures'. By linking together diverse substantive approaches, it promotes the further integration of knowledge about OSH structures and instruments, thus allowing research activities and recommendations on the continuing development of the OSH system.

Overall, the division's work is integral to BAuA's research, development, and knowledge transfer activities, since it both contributes to the Federal Institute's research and development programme, and liaises with other stakeholders to put recommended measures into practice.

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Division 1 Changing World of Work

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Division 1 Changing World of Work

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