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Unit 3.3 Evidence-based Occupational Health, Workplace Health Management

Unit 3.3 deals with the application and development of evidence-based methods in occupational health. It, therefore, reflects the growing need for evidence-based information and decision-making from science, politics and the public experts in the field of occupational safety and health. In addition to methods development in evidence-based Occupational Health, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) conducts reviews such as systematic reviews, overviews of systematic reviews, scoping reviews on priority topics in the field of work and health and contributes to the development of high quality health information.

Furthermore, BAuA carries out research, development and analysis in the field of Workplace Health Management. By applying evidence-based methods, unit 3.3 addresses the following prioritised topics:

  • Reintegration: research and development with respect to return-to-work process and management.
  • Social protection at work: research aiming at maintaining and promoting the health of particularly vulnerable groups, e.g. adolescents at work, older employees, and people with handicaps.
  • Workplace health promotion: elaboration of selected topics within the field of workplace health promotion.

Furthermore, the unit provides organisational support to the Medical Expert Council for Occupational Diseases (ÄSVB) at the BMAS.


WissOR'in Dr Uta Wegewitz

Head of Unit 3.3 Evidence-based Occupational Health, Workplace Health Management

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