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Unit 2.5 Products and Work Systems Laboratory

The Products and Work Systems Laboratory maintains measurement laboratories covering a variety of specialist disciplines. These laboratories are located in a separate wing known as the "Technikum" and, in collaboration with the other specialist units of Division 2, are used to conduct experimental analyses in the fields of ergonomics, optical radiation, acoustics and new technologies.

Specifically, the laboratory rooms include two walk-in climate chambers with temperature and humidity control that can be operated over a temperature range of 30°C to +80°C, as well as three anechoic chambers for acoustic emission and noise prediction measurements (the largest of which measures 140 m²). The laboratory equipment includes a double monochromator and a dual-beam transmission tester for optical radiation, lightweight robots and measuring systems for posture analysis. Furthermore, the laboratory area also features workshops for electrotechnical and mechanical work, where experimental setups are created for project work and which can be used for the training of physics laboratory technicians.

Measurements conducted in the laboratory include:

  • video analyses, posture measurements and identification of physical and physiological parameters;
  • usability tests;
  • determination of photometric and radiometric quantities, optical transmission and reflection measurements, and the measuring and classification of sources of optical radiation;
  • determination of noise parameters using sound pressure and sound intensity measurements, noise exposure and sound propagation measurements, and audiometry.

The range of tasks includes:

  • experimental analyses within the context of research and development projects of Division 2 for the assessment of work systems with regard to safety and health;
  • developing and testing measurement techniques and advising on measurement strategies and techniques within the context of the risk assessment of products and work systems;
  • contributions to risk assessment under section 32 of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG);
  • training of physics laboratory assistants.


Dr Dominik Bonin

Head of Unit 2.5 Products and Working Systems Laboratory

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