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Unit 1.1 Changing World of Work

Unit 1.1 generates knowledge (research and development) about the changing world of work and its effects on safety and health. The aim is to compile and utilise scientific knowledge for policy advice, as well as for transfer into workplace practice. In addition, the unit participates in sociopolitical discourse on the future world of work.

Public discussion of the future of work and the changing world of work largely focuses on the impact of megatrends such as globalisation, demographic change and the transition to a knowledge economy. A more in-depth consideration of the world of work allows social transformation to be described primarily as a process of making work more flexible, subjective and economical, leading to new - and in some cases precarious - forms of work.

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Work (BAuA) identifies risks and opportunities of the changing world of work and develops strategies for interventions on workplace and policy-making levels. For this purpose, specific individual findings from occupational science are placed into broader sociopolitical contexts.

Current research activities focus on the following areas:

  • Analysis, development and provision of concepts relating to the implications of economic, social and technical change on safety and health, taking account of related policy areas (e.g. temporary work).
  • Analysis, observation and continuation of concepts to promote employability, taking account of changing employment structures and employment conditions (e.g. demographics, restructuring).
  • Economic and business analysis and evaluation of safety and health at work.
  • Analysis of working time structures (flexible working hours, shift work, breaks) and their impact on safety and health.
  • Further development of principles and methods for modern working-time arrangements, taking career development and interfaces between work and private life into account.
  • Economic analysis and evaluation of safety and health at work.
  • General issues of corporate culture and aspects of 'good work'.
  • Supervision of projects within the Inititiative New Quality of Work (INQA).
  • Fundamental issues of policy advice; Provision and communication of knowledge, conception of options for action based on scientific expertise.


WissOR'in Dr Anita Tisch

Head of Unit 1.1 Changing World of Work

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