Seven Steps for Risk Assessment

Step 6: Check

What do I have to check?

Regular inspections ensure the successful implementation of the risk assessment. The check comprises 3 steps:

  1. Implementation check
    Check whether the defined measures have been performed by the persons in charge by the deadline.
  2. Efficiency check
    Check whether the required goal has been achieved and the hazard has actually been eliminated. Along with a formal confirmation remark on the compliance with the set deadline into the documentation, the efficiency of the measure must be checked (for example by re-measuring). Check whether the measures possibly resulted in new or other hazards.
  3. Maintenance check
    Check whether the achieved condition is maintained or whether additional measures might be required.

A person in charge of the check must be appointed. Document the result of the check in writing.

When do I have to perform the check?

Check the implementation and efficiency of the measures immediately after the agreed upon deadline and then continuously at defined intervals.

It is often necessary to observe the efficiency of a measure over a longer period of time, for example regarding the improvement of the employee satisfaction, the reduction of the sickness absence rate, the raising of awareness and motivation among the executive personnel, and/or improved customer satisfaction.

What do I do if a hazard has not been eliminated completely?

Initially, determine the reason why this hazard is still there. Review and complement and again define measures for eliminating the hazard. Then, certify the efficiency of the measures taken.

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