GESIMA - the Software for Designing safe Machinery

The GESIMA software has been developed for designers and machine developers, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manufacturing special purpose machinery, in order to support them in the process of risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive.

GESIMA's purpose is to aid the design and construction of safe machinery. This BAuA software accompanies design projects throughout the development process - from the idea phase to detailed elaboration. For this purpose, GESIMA offers an extensive research, a structured risk assessment as well as help with the documentation of the construction projects - all within an easy-to-use user interface.

Note: The software was developed by the BAuA in co-operation with Beuth Verlag, which also distributes the application. It is currently being revised and is therefore not currently available.

Solutions and protective measures can be selected and implemented in a hazard related way. The selection is based on the order of priority given by the Machinery Directive. In addition, numerous references to the corresponding standards are integrated. Within the software, users can also immediately set up examinations to evaluate and document the implementation of the protective measures.

Comprehensive information on individual hazards

In a first step, the user can classify the machine to be designed and constructed on the basis of the existing regulations. Furthermore, possible conformity assessment procedures can be defined.

With the implemented risk assessment, users are able to examine the machine, that is being developed, for possible hazards, accompanying its construction. For this purpose, the software contains a structured list of hazards for possible operating conditions. For individual hazards, extensive information on guidelines, standards and limits is provided. With these support measures, developers can identify hazard zones. If a hazard zone is identified, it can be handled by means of protective measures filed in the software. For each selected protective measure, the user can determine tests in order to support the implementation of the measures in the construction phase.

The measures determined can be output for the technical documentation in corresponding reports.

GESIMA at a glance

Target group: employees in design and development, CE managers in SMEs manufacturing special purpose machinery

Use of the software: construction/development support, work in design and construction projects

Included Support:

  • Guided risk assessment procedure
  • BAuA's expert know-how has been deposited adjusted to the target group


Product classification and selection of the conformity assessment procedure according to the Machinery Directive

Checklist of hazards assigned to

  • Relevant guideline contents
  • Standards
  • Limit values
  • Solution guidance

Support in risk assessment and risk reduction

  • Risk assessment procedure
  • Protective measures deposited
  • Possibility to define tests
  • Output of the results for the technical documentation according to the Machinery Directive

Selection of a protective measure

Determination of parameters for a protective measure

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