SUBSPORTplus Information Portal

SUBSPORTplus is an information portal of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) that supports the substitution of hazardous substances. The aim of SUBSPORTplus is to facilitate the development of safe, sustainable and practical substitution solutions.

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The portal is a tool for gathering and disseminating general information on substitution. Its helpful features include case stories that discuss and describe a range of alternatives.

SUBSPORTplus can be used by companies engaged in operational substitution processes, but also by public authorities and supervisory agencies, for example with regard to risk assessment in occupational safety and health contexts or for environmental protection purposes.

Overview of the portal’s content:

  • The regulations section sheds light on the legal provisions that govern substitution at the national and international level. The aim is to provide an overview of the legal requirements for substitution.
  • Users can consult the database of (more than 30,000) restricted and priority substances to find out whether a substance should be substituted on account of particular hazardous properties.
  • The SUBSPORTplus case story database offers to search for alternatives to a certain substance in more than 400 case stories. The case stories come from practice, studies, and the literature and, among other things, provide information about how solutions can be implemented.
  • SUBSPORTplus gives advice for the procedure and implementation, the tools and evaluation methods for a substitution process.
  • Recommendations on good practice offer initial assistance and starting points for action to lower risks, if substitution is not yet possible in a specific case.
  • The portal regularly publishes reports about the latest news in the field of substitution and events on the topic.

Users are invited to contribute to the portal by sharing information about alternatives (e.g., real-life case stories) and submitting their suggestions and criticisms.