Determination of criteria for lightwells to distribute sufficient daylight into workspaces

(in German)

The task of lightwells is to distribute daylight into adjacent spaces. When oriented to a lightwell workrooms receive daylight primarily reflected off the lightwells walls.

As the study showed, a daylight factor of 2 % can be achieved at a workstation near a window with a height to width ratio of the lightwell of 1.2. According to the technical rule for workplaces ASR A3.4 a daylight factor of 2 % allows the assumption, that the requirements for sufficient daylight have been met. With slimmer dimensions of the lightwell, the required daylight factor is hardly to achieve.

ASR A3.4 includes a second criterion for sufficient daylight that can be used alternatively to the daylight factor. This criterion solely demands a specific ratio of window to floor area. This second criterion may indicate sufficiency of daylight even in the case of a window which is heavily obstructed by a lightwell.
In order to eliminate this factually unjustified assessment a proposal to limit the scope of application of the criterion on window to floor area ratio was worked out.

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Title:  Ermittlung von Beurteilungswerten für Lichtschächte zur Versorgung von Arbeitsräumen mit ausreichendem Tageslicht. Wissenschaftliches Gutachten

Written by:  R. Jakobiak

1. edition.  Dortmund:  Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin, 2024.  pages: 87, PDF file, DOI: 10.21934/baua:bericht20240118

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