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Methodological Report and Questionnaire for the BAuA Working Time Survey 2015

(in German)

The infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences conducted on behalf of Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) a representative telephone survey from May until October 2015 with approximately 20 000 individuals aged 15 or older. The survey aimed at gaining insight in differences regarding the organisation of working time in Germany and thus related aspects of health as well as physical and mental work load.

The study's population are individuals aged 15 or older who pursue gainful employment of at least 10 hours per week. Self-employed and family workers also belong to the population next to employees subject to social insurance contributions. The sample of the telephone survey is based upon a dual frame approach and thus exclusively contains landline and mobile numbers generated at random.

The data were collected by means of computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI). The study was designed as a panel in order to survey changes in the world of employment in the long term. All respondents were asked at the end of the interview whether they would consent to their address being stored for follow-up interviews resulting in a about 69 percent of them confirming their willingness to remain in the panel. A total of 20 030 interviews were realised for this study, which corresponds to a coverage rate of approximately 33 percent.

Please download the complete report "Methodological Report and Questionnaire for the BAuA Working Time Survey 2015" (in German only).

Bibliographic information

A. Häring, H. Schütz, R. Gilberg, M. Kleudgen, A. M. Wöhrmann, F. Brenscheidt:
Methodenbericht und Fragebogen zur BAuA-Arbeitszeitbefragung 2015. 
1. edition. Dortmund: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin 2016. pages 60, Project number: F 2360, PDF file, DOI: 10.21934/baua:bericht20160812

Research Project

Project numberF 2360 StatusOngoing Project Working time reporting for Germany

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