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ISOMAG 2.0 - Software for Optimal Vibration Isolation of Machines and Devices

Vibrations emanating from machines can be detrimental to human health and well-being. Aside from that, vibrations increase safety hazards in machinery, buildings and installations. The primary goals of vibration isolation are to restrict the effects of vibrations on people to within reasonable limits and to protect sensitive apparatus and safety systems from becoming overloaded or suffering damage or breakdown caused by excessive stress from vibrations.

Software ISOMAG, a further development of ITI-ISO (Fb 769) was created in research plan. Graphics and operation were improved considerably. Besides the single vibration isolation, interpretation and calculation of double one as well as consideration of dynamic properties of the position are now also possible. The main purpose of the program is to design and optimize vibration isolation in machine and apparatus setups (secondary vibration protection).

Interactive graphics are used in the program operation, model description, and data input and output. Linkage to a database permits rapid and certain acceptance of the characteristic quantities of the vibration isolators. The program supports the user in making a suitable selection and arrangement of vibration isolators. It calculates the quantities that are relevant for the evaluation - quantities such as characteristic frequencies; forces; mode shapes, velocities and accelerations; as well as transmissibilities. It also monitors the observance of limit values. The user receives meaningful results with the lowest possible expenditure of preparatory work and model description.

Bibliographic information

T. Blochwitz, S. Bittner, U. Schreiber, A. Uhlig:
ISOMAG 2.0 - Software for Optimal Vibration Isolation of Machines and Devices. 
1. edition. Dortmund: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin 2013. pages 188, Project number: F 2311, PDF file

download file "ISOMAG 2.0 - Software for Optimal Vibration Isolation of Machines and Devices" (PDF, 4 MB, Not barrier-free file)

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ISOMAG supports you regarding the vibration-isolated design and installation of machines

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Research Project

Project numberF 2311 StatusCompleted Project ISOMAG 2.0 - Additions and Modifications

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