EMKG-Expo-Tool 2.0

The EMKG-Expo-Tool 2.0 is a first tier IT-tool to estimate the inhalation exposure at the workplace to fulfil the obligations arising from REACH. The tool uses a control banding approach, based on the "Easy-to-use workplace control scheme for hazardous substances (EMKG)". Requiring only three input parameters, the tool's simple structure enables the user to distinguish quickly between critical and non-critical workplace situations. The tool offers a simplified approach to evaluate worker exposure and identify RMMs requiring a small number of input parameters. Thus the tool is easy to use and still allows quantitative exposure estimations.

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Title:  EMKG-Expo-Tool 2.0. 

1. edition.  Dortmund: , 2018.  PDF file, DOI: 10.21934/baua:praxis20180801

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