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Unsafe products in online trading - information, tips and recommendations

(in German)

According to data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), more than 45 million people in Germany ordered goods or services from auction houses and online shops in 2013 - with increasing tendency. One problem is that, in many cases, even unsafe and unauthorised products in the EU come onto the market and into the hands of consumers – and this despite the intensive work of the state authorities, which every year withdraw hundreds of thousands of non-conform products out of circulation. However, it is clear that state control alone is not enough to protect the market and consumers from unsafe products. Not every package or small package which is launched on eBay, Amazon & Co., for example, can undoubtedly identified to contain a doubtful content on first sight. This brochure is intended to raise awareness about the topic of "unsafe products in online trading". The reason is that many people are not aware that not all manufacturers and dealers are seriously trying to offer only secure products on the net. Many consumers are often looking for the cheapest price, the largest selection or the fastest delivery. You do not know what risks may be associated with these products.

Please download the complete brochure "Unsafe products in online trading" (in German only).

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