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Disturbing sounds at the workplace: a burden for employees

BIBB/BAuA-Factsheet 38

Many employees are exposed to disturbing sounds at their workplace on a daily basis. This can be caused not only by booming machines but also by traffic noise or the conversations of colleagues in the office. It is well known that incessant noise at high sound pressure levels can have a detrimental effect on hearing. However, disturbing sounds can also have non-auditory (so-called extra-aural) effects on employees and can be associated, for example, with a lower sense of well-being.

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F. Kopatz, H. Sukowski:
Disturbing sounds at the workplace: a burden for employeesBIBB/BAuA-Factsheet 38
1. edition. Dortmund: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin 2022. pages 2, PDF file, DOI: 10.21934/baua:facts20220318

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