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How Common are Complementary Medicine Procedures in Bavarian Acute Care Hospitals? Results of A Bavarian-wide Website Screening

(in German)

Background: In Germany, complementary medicine is used by up to 62% of patients, but type and extent of in-patient complementary care are not known. The objective of this study was, therefore, to conduct a survey on complementary medicine procedures in Bavarian acute care hospitals by screening the websites of all respective facilities in order to cover a broad range of complementary procedures.

Methods: In 2020, an independent and comprehensive website screening of all 389 Bavarian acute hospitals, including all departments, was conducted by two independent raters. Complementary medicine procedures offered were analysed in total as well as separately by specialty.

Results: Among all 389 Bavarian acute care hospitals, 82% offered at least one and 66% at least three different complementary procedures on their website. Relaxation techniques (52%), acupuncture (44%), massage (41%), movement-, art-, and music therapy (33%, 30%, and 28%), meditative movement therapies like yoga (30%), and aromatherapy (29%) were offered most frequently. Separated by specialty, complementary procedures were most common in psychiatry/psychosomatics (relaxation techniques 69%, movement and art therapy 60% each) at 87%, and in gynaecology/obstetrics (most common acupuncture 64%, homeopathy 60%, and aromatherapy 41%) at 72%.

Conclusion: The vast majority of Bavarian acute care hospitals also seem to conduct complementary medicine procedures in therapy, especially for psychological indications and in obstetrics and gynaecology, according to the hospital websites. How often these procedures are used in inpatient or outpatient settings as well as evidence on effectiveness of the applied procedures should be investigated in further studies.

Please download the article "How Common are Complementary Medicine Procedures in Bavarian Acute Care Hospitals? Results of A Bavarian-wide Website Screening" (in German only).

First Online: 21 December 2022

Bibliographic information

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Wie verbreitet sind komplementärmedizinische Verfahren in bayerischen Krankenhäusern? Eine Vollerhebung für Bayern mittels Website-Screening. 
in: Gesundheitswesen, Volume 85, Issue 3 2023. pages 165-174, DOI: 10.1055/a-1961-1064

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