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Building a European exposure science strategy

Exposure information is a critical element in various regulatory and non-regulatory frameworks in Europe and elsewhere. Exposure science supports to ensure safe environments, reduce human health risks, and foster a sustainable future. However, increasing diversity in regulations and the lack of a professional identity as exposure scientists currently hamper developing the field and uptake into European policy. In response, we discuss trends, and identify three key needs for advancing and harmonizing exposure science and its application in Europe. We provide overarching building blocks and define six long-term activities to address the identified key needs, and to iteratively improve guidelines, tools, data, and education. More specifically, we propose creating European networks to maximize synergies with adjacent fields and identify funding opportunities, building common exposure assessment approaches across regulations, providing tiered education and training programmes, developing an aligned and integrated exposure assessment framework, offering best practices guidance, and launching an exposure information exchange platform. Dedicated working groups will further specify these activities in a consistent action plan. Together, these elements form the foundation for establishing goals and an action roadmap for successfully developing and implementing a "European Exposure Science Strategy" 2020-2030, which is aligned with advances in science and technology.

The complete article is published in the "Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology" (2019).

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P. Fantke, N. von Goetz, U. Schlüter, J. Bessems, A. Connolly, T. Dudzina, A. Ahrens, J. Bridges, M. A. Coggins, A. Conrad, O. Hänninen, G. Heinemeyer, S. Kephalopoulos, M. McLachlan, T. Meijster, V. Poulsen, D. Rother, T. Vermeire, S. Viegas, et. al.:
Building a European exposure science strategy. 
in: Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology 2019. pages 1-8, PDF file, DOI: 10.1038/s41370-019-0193-7

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