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Biokinetics of nanomaterials: The role of biopersistence

This article is published in the Journal "NanoImpact", Volume 6, pp. 69-80.

Bibliographic information

P. Laux, C. Riebeling, A. M. Booth, J. D. Brain, J. Brunner, C. Cerrillo, O. Creutzenberg, I. Estrela-Lopis, T. Gebel, G. Johanson, H. Jungnickel, H. Kock, J. Tentscher, A. Tlili, A. Schäffer A. J. A. M. Sips, R. A. Yokel, A. Luch:
Biokinetics of nanomaterials: The role of biopersistence. 
in: NanoImpact, Volume 6 2017. pages 69-80, DOI: 10.1016/j.impact.2017.03.003

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