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Work, age, health and work participation - a model

The complete article "Work, age, health and work participation - a model" can be downloaded at the website of the Journal "Das Gesundheitswesen".

Bibliographic information

R. Peter, H. M. Hasselhorn:
Work, age, health and work participation - a model. 
in: Das Gesundheitswesen: Gesundheit zwischen Wirtschaft und Demographie, Gemeinsamer Kongress der DGSMP und der DGMS in Zusammenarbeit mit dem MDK Hessen, Marburg, 17.-20. September 2013, Volume 75, Heft 8/9, A300 2013. Project number: F 2295, DOI: 10.1055/s-0033-1354241

Research Project

Project numberF 2295 StatusCompleted Project Work, Age and Health

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