International BAuA Symposium "WHO fibres from nanomaterials and other advanced materials: Do we have to tackle a new asbestos problem in OSH?", 20.04.2016 in Dortmund

Since 2005, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has a focus on safety research and governance of nanomaterials at the workplace. BAuA unites expertise on measurement and characterisation of particles, toxicology, risk assessment, and control strategies. BAuA is also engaged in the regulation and governance of nanomaterials through policy advice as well as through participation in various governmental working groups and committees on national and international level.

On April 20, 2016, BAuA invited to an international symposium on asbestos-like fibres from nanomaterials and other advanced materials. The goal was to initiate a transdisciplinary debate among representatives from academia, regulatory agencies, industry, and other interested parties in the governance landscape on advanced materials. It was also addressed to the members of the WHO Guideline Development Group "WHO Guidelines on Nanomaterials and Workers' Health", who held a face-to-face meeting on April 18/19, 2016, at BAuA in Dortmund.

The presentations given during the symposium were:

Programme (PDF, 207 KB)

WHO fibres from nanomaterials - a brief look into history (PDF, 317 KB)
Rüdiger Pipke, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)

The Tortoise and the Hare - Governance challenges under conditions of scientific uncertainty (PDF, 174 KB)
Elen Stokes, Cardiff School of Law and Politics

Hazards and risks from WHO fibres at the workplace (PDF, 2 MB)
Thomas Gebel, BAuA

National Asbestos Profile - Germany 2014 (PDF, 877 KB)
Andreas Lüdecke, BAuA

WHO fiber release, workplace exposure measurement and assessment (PDF, 3 MB)
Elisabeth Heunisch, BAuA

ETEAM Project: Fibrous Nano and Advanced Materials (PDF, 3 MB)
Asmus Meyer-Plath, BAuA

Communication and Co-operation: Trans-disciplinary approaches for a safe material design (PDF, 377 KB)
Aline Reichow, BAuA

Please note: Due to legal issues, some pictures had to be removed from the presentations in order not to violate any copy rights.

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