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Workshop "REACH Article 57 (f): Non-Endocrine Disrupting Human Health Hazards Leading to SVHC Identification" am 29.03.2012 in Berlin

The workshop was hosted by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) in co-operation with the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). It was meant to present and discuss stakeholder views on possible Article 57 (f) requirements for non-endocrine disrupting human health hazards as a first step towards a harmonised concept for SVHC identification via the Article 57 (f) route. The workshop was attended by 40 participants from different European Member State Competent Authorities, the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency, industry and non-governmental organisations including the European Trade Union Confederation.

In the course of the workshop, presentations were given on the following issues:

  • the legal framework around Article 57 (f);
  • general requirements for an Annex XV dossier proposing SVHC identification via the Article 57 (f) route;
  • ideas and examples for a general concept to apply Article 57 (f) to non-endocrine disrupting human health hazards;
  • (preliminary) views on individual human health hazards regarding their appropriateness to fulfil Article 57 (f) requirements.

In summary, the workshop proved to be a useful platform to exchange and discuss different opinions at a European level. The majority of the workshop participants agreed that in principle respiratory sensitisers meet Article 57 (f) requirements. Nevertheless, additional work is still needed until a comprehensive and harmonised concept for SVHC identification via the Article 57 (f) route will be available.

The workshop report includes an executive summary and summarises the essential contents of the presentations and discussions. The agenda of the workshop, the list of participants and the slides of all presentations are also enclosed with the report.

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