Work 4.0 - New Work - How do we want to work in the future? Research project accompanying the implementation of New Work in a municipal company

  • Project number: F 2552
  • Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
  • Status: Ongoing Project
  • Planned end: 2029-03-31


With the rise of mobile working, new office concepts are being introduced into the workplace. These new concepts are often referred to as "New Work" and feature discrete work zones designed for, e.g., focused work, creative tasks or interactive exchanges. Supported by mobile technologies, employees choose the appropriate workplace for their current task. Fixed workstations are a thing of the past.

Studies show that this type of office concept can lead to an over-utilisation of certain workstations and a loss of team spirit. On the other hand, it also offers the opportunity to break up one's routine by being able to choose where to work. It also encourages contact between colleagues from different departments. So far, however, there have been few long-term studies of the safety and health aspects of working in "new work" office concepts.

A municipal company is planning to implement such a concept at its headquarters. In a separate scientific project, BAuA will accompany the implementation process throughout its duration. Repeated before-and-after surveys and surveys in experimental test environments will provide information on employees’ expectations during the planning phase as well as the effects of the new office environment after the change.

In this way, the project, being part of the Innovative Work Systems research theme, provides an opportunity to obtain scientifically valid information on the task-technology-environment fit in the design of new hybrid office concepts for knowledge work.

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