Development of a gen-based detectionsystem for bacteria as causative organisms for respiratory problems due bioaerosols at workplaces

  • Project number: F 2163
  • Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
  • Status: Completed Project


The cultivation based detection of bacterial strains causing respiratory problems (e.g. hypersensitive pneumonitis) in complex bioaerosols is very difficult because the phenotypic characteristica e.g. depending on the cultivation conditions are highly variable. Therefore strain specific primer systems known from the literature should be tested to detect and quantify relevant bacterial species in bioaerosols at work places. Each analystical step of this method should be checked thoroughly.


Molekularbiologische Charakterisierung luftgetragener Bakterien in Emissionsproben aus Hähnchenmastanlagen

Publishing year: 2012

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Jeotgalicoccus coquinae sp. nov. and Jeotgalicoccus aerolatus sp. nov., isolated from poultry houses

Publishing year: 2011

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Detection of Jeotgalicoccus spp. in poultry house air

Publishing year: 2010

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