Promoting and protections mental health - supporting policy through integration of research, current approaches and practice

  • Project number: F 1785
  • Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
  • Status: Completed Project


Recent reports indicate that the incidence and costs associated with mental distress and troubles are substantial and expected to rise globally in the next 15 years. At the same time there is a rapid proliferation of methods of solutions applying at social, organisational and individual level.

Against this background, PROMENPOL sets out to identify useful and practical approaches to the promotion and protection of mental health. It will develop a systematic multidimensional approach to identify and classify effective tools for promoting mental health across the lifespan. PROMENPOL will focus on tools that promote mental health for:

  • students in schools,
  • adults in the workplace and
  • older people in residential homes.

Working with specialists as well as with mainstream researchers, stakeholders, networks, professionals, practitioners and representative organisations PROMENPOL aims to:

  • Identify and Re-package tools for mental health promotion and protection within three contexts - schools, the workplace and residences for older people.
  • Produce a systematic and easily navigated knowledge management system populated with useful information, key references and important web links.
  • Construct a set of three mental health toolkits tailored to the life span stage of target users in which they live their lives i.e. school, work and residences for older people.
  • Organise a series of pilot implementation projects to evaluate and review the knowledge base and toolkits.
  • Produce a set of multi-sectoral policy principles designed to promote and support more proactive and targeted mental health initiatives in each of the sectors.
  • Create sustainable collaboration between the key actors in the project to carry forward the results into later stages of the project and beyond.


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