Unit 4.II.3 Biocides Assessment Unit OSH

Within the scope of the German Chemicals Act (ChemG), Division 4 of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is the Risk Assessment for for the purposes of implementing the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012.

The tasks are established in Division 4 and distributed as a process across different expert units. Based on the exposure and risk assessment for active substances and biocidal products it is decided whether the active substances could be approved or biocidal products could be authorised for the aspect worker protection. The process is organised by the Unit 4.II.3.

This includes the following topics:

  • Exposure- and risik assessment for worker for the approval process of active substances/authorisation process biocidal products
  • Harmonised labelling of active substances/biocidal products
  • REACH-CLP-Biozid-Helpdesk, including
    • responding to queries,
    • advising companies on biocides

The expert groups involved in the assessment of biocides are Groups 4.II.4 "Exposure Assessment Biocides", 4.I.3 "Toxicology", 4.II.1 "Biological Agents in Occupational Health and Safety" and 4.II.2 "Bioaerosols".

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WissD'in Dr Dagmar Holthenrich

Head of
Unit 4.II.3 Biocides Assessment Unit OSH

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