Scientific Management

The scientific management of Division 4 "Hazardous Substances and Biological Agents" is an integral part for a scientifically sound advice to policy-makers and practitioners as well as for the processing of legal tasks in chemical safety as an assessment body for occupational safety and health. Future R&D priorities are initiated to clarify open questions arising from these tasks, technical, political, social and economic developments with a relevant influence on the research activities of the division are observed.

The Scientific Management thus stands for the further development of the research agenda at the Federal Institute. As a staff unit, it also supports scientists in implementing R&D projects, which are carried out in-house and, if necessary, also supported with externally awarded contracts. The range of tasks also includes the necessary quality assurance for research, among other things through regular training on "good scientific practice" and the coordination of external reviews for short-term questions of policy advice and statutory tasks. The unit also promotes scientific communication through internal seminars on research results and current policy issues as well as through university teaching, external lectures and participation in relevant bodies.

Our professional tasks:

  • Contributions to the strategic orientation and coordination of programmatic implementation for research and development activities in support of legal tasks, policy advice and transfer on hazardous substances and biological agents
  • Observation of national, European and international R&D activities in the fields of work of the division
  • Contribute to the design of R&D activities on European chemical safety topics and its interfaces with occupational safety and health.
  • Quality assurance and support for R&D activities and external reviews , coordination with other divisions, participation in the BAuA R&D Council
  • Concepts and activities for the promotion of young academics and for university teaching
  • External scientific representation of the division

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Dr Rolf Packroff

Scientific Management
Division 4 Hazardous Substances and Biological Agents

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