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Unit 3.2 Mental Workload and Mental Health

Since 1 January 2021 the former units 3.4, Mental Health and Cognitive Capacity, and 3.5, Mental Workload, have been combined in a newly established, multidisciplinary unit that is currently defining and further developing its strategic approach. In its research, the unit deals with questions that relate to psychosocial factors and mental health in work settings.

The unit's research and development priorities lie in the following fields:

  • Analysis and evaluation of data on the distribution and development of relevant psychosocial factors at work
  • research into selected psychosocial factors and combinations of factors, taking account of new developments in the world of work
  • gathering of data by means of representative surveys in the context of the Mental Health at Work Study (S-MGA); the data collected relate not only to indicators of mental disorders but also to indicators of positive mental health (e.g. well-being, job satisfaction, resources)
  • empirical research into the work-related and individual determinants of mental health, work ability, productivity, and participation in working life
  • research into methodologies, conditions, and work design within the psychosocial risk assessment framework
  • development of recommendations on and practical concepts for human-centred work design in workplace practice

With the results of its research, unit 3.2 contributes to the further development of strategies and concepts for the protection and promotion of mental health, human-centred work design, and the appropriate consideration of psychosocial factors in occupational safety and health. These strategies and concepts are not exclusively concerned with the prevention of mental disorders, but also cover resources for the promotion of mental health and work ability.

To pursue these aims, the unit participates in the activities of various specialist bodies and working groups at national and international levels, including the work programme "Protection and fortification of health in the case of work-related mental load" of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (Gemeinsame Deutsche Arbeitsschutzstrategie, GDA), the German Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, DGUV) Unit for "Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace" and advises the committees on Occupational Safety and Health of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, BMAS).


Dr David Beck

Head of Unit 3.2 Mental Workload and Mental Health

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