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Unit 2.3 Human Factors, Ergonomics

The research activities of the unit 'Human Factors, Ergonomics' focus on the analysis, evaluation and design of socio-technical work systems regarding

  • the ergonomics of individual components
  • ergonomics of integrated work systems and
  • human behaviour.

Our understanding of human factors and ergonomics includes physical, cognitive and organisational ergonomics and relates to product and process design.

Our main focus is on man-machine-interaction as a part of socio-technical systems, giving special attention to new and emerging technologies such as those discussed in the context of Industry 4.0.

Our research results are transferred into practice-oriented guidelines. They are also the foundation to advise the federal government regarding ergonomics of products and work systems. Findings are also incorporated into regulation, in particular technical rules and standards.

Our aim is to help

  • design safe, healthy and productive work,
  • create humane and effective man-machine-interaction,
  • avoid human error in complex work systems,
  • design organisations as well as group processes to be safe, healthy and productive,
  • manage complex decision making and problem solution processes and
  • foster behaviour-oriented prevention.

The unit incorporates team members from different scientific disciplines like psychology, mechanical and process engineering as well as sports science.


WissD Dr Sascha Wischniewski

Head of Unit 2.3 Human Factors, Ergonomics

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