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Unit 2.2 Physical Agents

In the context of creating safe and healthy products and work systems, unit 2.2 investigates these physical agents:

  • Noise
  • Optical radiation
  • Electromagnetic fields

The unit's work focuses on R&D projects on measurement and assessment methods (emission, immission, exposure) as well as on questions related to stress and strain caused by physical agents and measures to protect workers from such hazards. The division 'Products and Work Systems' runs well equipped laboratories to perform R&D projects regarding optical radiation and noise.

Our R&D results are aimed at advising the German federal government in terms of physical agents, especially to further develop regulations and implement European directives. To put new knowledge into practice we are involved in bodies of the sub-legal standardization and regulatory framework. To support company protagonists associated to occupational safety and health, we provide technical information and guidelines tailored to the needs of our specific target groups.


TRD Dr Erik Romanus

Head of Unit 2.2 Physical Agents

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