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Central Division

The Central Division includes human resources management, budgeting and procurement, as well as other centralised tasks such as information technology and building management.

Central DivisionRD Alexander Hohmann
Central Division 1 Human Resources, Organisation, IT, Scientific InformationRD'in Rabea Volmer
Unit Z 1.1 Human ResourcesRD'in Rabea Volmer
Unit Z 1.2 Organisation, Internal CommunicationRR Peter Kuhlmann
Unit Z 1.3 Information TechnologyTROAR Patrick Schelter
Unit Z 1.4 Scientific InformationRD Thomas Pisula
Central Division 2 Budgeting, Internal ServicesLRD Michael Schwering
Unit Z 2.1 Budgeting, Procurement and AccountingLRD Michael Schwering
Unit Z 2.2 Internal Services and EngineeringROAR Andreas Hanfland

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