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The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)

Safe and healthy working conditions mean social progress and a competitive economy. At the same time, the constantly changing working environment presents new challenges for occupational safety and health on a continual basis.

BAuA explores the conditions and developments in gainful employment with a view to providing workers with the best possible protection and support both today and in the future. Based in Dortmund and with locations in Berlin and Dresden, as well as a branch in Chemnitz, BAuA is under the control of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

It advises the BMAS on all questions of safety and health at work and the adaptation of working conditions to the needs of humans. As a departmental research institution of the federal government, it acts as a mediator between science, politics and society. BAuA's key tasks include policy advice, the performance of sovereign tasks and the transfer of knowledge into workplace practice. With the DASA Working World Exhibition, BAuA succeeds in conveying to a wide audience the idea of a working environment that is adapted to the needs of humans. Furthermore, BAuA provides comprehensive information and practical solutions for a variety of target groups.

BAuA's decree puts all the tasks assigned to the Federal Institute into concrete terms. Specific details of BAuA's medium-term focus areas and activities are explained in working programmes covering a four-year period. The programmatic approach to research and development was evaluated in 2017 by the German Council of Science and Humanities and proved a positive outcome.

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Work and Research Programme 2018 - 2021

BAuA will continue its efforts in the four predetermined fields of action and develop them further in a well-directed manner.

Find out more : Work and Research Programme 2018 - 2021 …


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