Software guide for machine design

  • Project number: F 1981
  • Institution: Trans4mation IT GmbH
  • Status: Completed Project


For placing a product on the market successfully the machine designer has not only to consider all of his knowledge and experience but also to fulfill all the relevant health- and safety-requirements. The continuing development in the fields of safety equipment, ergonomics, noise-protection, biological substances and other as well as the development of regulations and standards for design and construction of machinery gives a need for the designer to get actual information. Therefore he needs actual information about cross-sectoral requirements for design, selected parts of regulation and solutions for design of health and safe machinery. The BAuA has developed a demonstration-version of this guide as software. The guide can be used as reference book. Therefore the guide contains legal requirements and technical solutions sorted by hazards as well as 'best-practise' examples. Furthermore the guide can be used in the process of machine-design as guideline to perform the risk assessment required by machinery directive.

The risk assessment in the guide is oriented by hazards. Information like limits, bibliographical information about usable standards and possible technical protective measures can be found. The risk assessment can be documented. On the basis of the demonstration-version the contractor has to develop a distributable full-version of the guide. This software guide has to be developed with an appropriate licence-free and free available development-environment (IDE). The documented Source-code has to be delivered to the BAuA with the exclusive right of use.


Unit 2.6 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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