ICSMS: Information System for Authorities, Business and Consumers

Product information, test results and references to product counterfeits are only a small part of the information exchanged via ICSMS. The system also helps to find the competent authority, depending on the product sector.

The abbreviation ICSMS means "internet-supported information and communication system for the pan-European market surveillance of technical products". It is an instrument enabling market surveillance authorities as well as manufacturers, retailers and purchasers of technical products to exchange information, for the purpose of work and consumer protection and a fair single market.

The web page consists of a protected and a public area. The protected area is reserved for market surveillance authorities, the General Directorate of Customs and the European Commission. Here they can find, for example, product information, test results and information on official measures.

The public area can be used by all manufacturers, retailers and consumers. It provides official information on dangerous products. Consumers can use ICSMS to report unsafe or dangerous products directly - and anonymously - to the competent authorities.

Authority search at the ICSMS

You are having questions about the requirements that must be met to make your product available on the market? But you do not have the information as to which authority is responsible for your product or where it is based? Then the authority search of ICSMS will help you.

The postal code helps you to find all authorities responsible for the area of product safety in the selected region. If, in addition, you enter which European directive or regulation, your product is or might be covered by, ICSMS not only specifies the competent authority, but also gives you the address, e-mail address, website and the respective area of competence.