Safe Laser Products

The Product Safety Act (ProdSG) stipulates that products can only be imported or placed on the national or European market if their intended or foreseeable use does not put the health and safety of users and third parties at risk. The "Technical Specification for Consumer Laser Products" (Technische Spezifikation zu Lasern als bzw. in Verbraucherprodukten) puts this general requirement in concrete terms in relation to laser products.

As the private use of laser products continues to rise, people using these products often have insufficient knowledge of the dangers of laser radiation. Furthermore, a growing number of laser products is entering the market whose power outputs exceed those of laser classes 1, 1M, 2 and 2M.

The Technical Specification for Consumer Laser Products is directed at manufacturers, authorised representatives and importers. It serves as an important aid to the competent authorities for market surveillance.

Which products are governed by the Technical Specification for Consumer Laser Products?

This Technical Specification applies to laser products that are not governed by specific ordinances or harmonised standards. Examples include laser pointers, laser beam levels, lasers for use in astronomy and lasers that project shapes, as well as distance-measuring and levelling devices. These products are subject to the basic provisions of Article 3(1) of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

Accordingly, the Technical Specification for Consumer Laser Products does not apply to:

  • products covered by ordinances pursuant to Article 8(1) of the Product Safety Act (e.g. the Low Voltage Directive, Toy Safety Directive or Machinery Directive)
  • products covered by harmonised standards (e.g. DIN EN 60065, DIN EN 62115 or DIN EN 60950-1)

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