Physical Agents and Working Environment

Physical agents, such as noise, radiation or vibrations, continue to represent significant occupational stress factors alongside badly designed aspects of the working environment, such as unfavourable climatic conditions in the workplace.

Development of practicable methods

Essentially, the aim of BAuA's activities in research and development projects is to set out practicable methods for determining physical parameters, which can then be used to assess risks. To this end, experts at BAuA work to refine models and calculation and assessment methods on a continual basis.

Guidance for businesses

In addition, BAuA uses research results to derive practicable protective measures, as well as offering a series of guidelines and decision-making aids for those involved in occupational safety. These make it easier not only to conduct a proper risk assessment but also, for example, to purchase safe work equipment.

Policy advice and regulation

BAuA incorporates the findings of research and development projects into its policy advice and into the formulation of standards and regulations. To this end, experts at BAuA play an active role in panels and committees at the national and European level.