Technical means of work for temporary works at a height

  • Project number: F 1882
  • Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
  • Status: Completed Project


Employees working at a height are still facing high accident risks. As accident data proved risks are rising considerably in the case of temporary works. There is a large number of technical means of work on the market which can keep the danger of fall as low as possible when properly used. The on-site practice however is missing a comprehensive compilation which records and presents technical means of works suitable for working at a height. The project aims at drawing up a catalogue in which exemplary solutions concerning these means of work are described in principle and detail being presented in form of product sheets. Thus employers get an instrument, providing information on the suitability of existing technical means of work as well as supporting them at the choice and application. The catalogue will be accomplished by a survey on danger of fall when working at a height and the according accident data as well as on relevant changes after the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health came into force.


Unit 2.6 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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