Project Bundle 1 "Classification and conditions of use as work assistance systems"

AmI-based technologies leave a lot of scope for the design of the man-machine interface. This can range from simple support for the user through to an almost complete automation of functions or practical steps. The question arising here is what form and what degree of assistance is appropriate in the work system in order to bring about positive effects both on the system's efficiency and on user's health. A primary objective of the project bundle is a description of features and criteria of AmI-based systems as distinct from conventional technologies and from automation. On this basis it is intended to draw up a classification model which makes it possible to evaluate the use of AmI-based technologies in the work system.

For this purpose BAuA favours orientation towards a psychological action phase model which distinguishes the assistance functions according to whether, for example, information gathering is supported, a decision is to be prepared or concrete actions by people in the work process are to be supported. Based on the results it is intended in a further project to develop a work science-dominated model for the use of AmI technologies. Questions relating to the application of AmI-based technologies, such as information-related self-determination or the role of emotional computing in the interaction with AmI systems will be considered.

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