This is a drum filling system for organic liquids.

First the filling capacity is adjusted.

The drum is transported to the working area

using a powered roller conveyor.

Before filling the drum is appropriately earthed

and positioned accurately.

Filling is started.

On the left side the local exhaust ventilation

is deactivated. On the right side it is activated.

If the local exhaust ventilation is deactivated,

vapours leak in the working area,

shown by the red arrows on the left side.

Green arrows on the right side show

that the vapours are collected adequately

when the local exhaust ventilation is activated.

The meter display in the diagram shows the release

of the vapour that is escaping.

Variability of the vapour concentration can be caused

by airflow in the working area.

After filling the fill pipe is pulled out and dripped off

into the drum while local exhaust ventilation is working.

The green signal demonstrates the efficiency of a

sufficient working local exhaust ventilation.

Workers' exposure is minimised due to correct handling.

The drum is closed immediately using an appropriate tool.