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Working Time Box

Simple practical help for the organisation of working time

Using the working time box, planning and implementing an employee-oriented organisation of working time are easy. The free online tool particularly supports small- and medium-scale companies with introducing state-of-the-art working time models.

Graphic Working time box Content structure of the Working Time Box (available in German language only)

The design of flexible working time models entails huge potentials, both for the competitiveness of companies and for the health, satisfaction and the work-life balance of their employees.

A challenging task: the introduction of a working time model

Due to the numerous possibilities, the plethora of models, as well as the partially contradictory objectives of the representatives of employers and employees, developing and introducing a working time model is very challenging. The necessary know-how is mainly available on the Internet, but is widely scattered and often hardly comprehensible for non-experts. A quick introduction to the topic, as well as an application of the existing methods and instruments are hardly possible in addition to the operative day-to-day business, particularly for small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs).

The working time box makes it easy to get started

Freely available on the Internet, the working time box provides a remedy. The objective of the project is to process findings from the field of human factors science, experiences from companies, as well as already existing instruments and concepts regarding working time in a practical manner. The most important design options regarding working time models are described for SMEs in a balanced and user-friendly manner.

Individual compilation of the instruments needed

The working time box includes different instruments, such as checklists, information brochures, templates and guidelines offering important support when optimising the design of the working time within the company. The contents of the working time box are represented clearly in the shape of a dice and are divided into five topics and five phases. Furthermore, planning aids (for example, simple Excel tools, apps, checklists, sample questionnaires, recommendations for action) and best practices are compiled and shown in a structured overview. This way, users can browse for the required information and tools in a targeted manner and individually compile an appropriate tool set.

BAuA supports the work box

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) provides technical support to the project within the framework of the Initiative New Quality of Work ("Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit"). The transfer project is performed by the Human Factors Science Institute ("Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft") of the RWTH Aachen University and the consultancy firm dialogo in close cooperation with the Offensive Mittelstand and five companies of different industries and sizes. The jointly developed self-evaluation instrument is intended to quickly get SMEs started with the topic. The instruments and tools are tested in collaboration with the practice partners. Additionally, the training of multipliers ensures the distribution and use of the working time box and its instruments.

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