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An industry-specific approach to knowledge transfer

BAuA promotes the targeted transfer of good occupational safety and health practice to selected industries with a view to enabling businesses to make practical use of reliable design knowledge. These transfer activities centre around the care sector and the construction industry.

Several shop dummies wearing working clothes © Uwe Völkner, Fotoagentur FOX

Numerous programmes and initiatives with federal government participation use industry-specific approaches to roll out their scientifically sound tools and practical guidance on occupational safety and health protection. For example, the care sector and construction industry are key fields of action not only for the Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA) but also for the Model Programme for Combating Work-related Diseases and of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA).

With regard to the construction industry, BAuA's activities aim, for example, to safeguard the minimum standards of occupational safety and health legislation. This is achieved through, among other things, participation in the Committee on Workplaces (ASTA) and in a variety of other programmes, such as the "Advanced Good Construction" campaign (Offensive Gutes Bauen).

The care sector is another important target group for BAuA, with inpatient and outpatient care representing some of the key sectors within the health service. In this area, BAuA focuses its attention on achieving a healthy and educational working environment. It also provides numerous practical guides and guidelines with a view to maintaining and improving working capacity and health among care staff. BAuA also actively participates in the "Healthy Care" campaign (Offensive Gesund Pflegen), a partner network within the Initiative New Quality of Work.

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