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Working safely and healthily in the Construction Industry

Classic hazards and established occupational safety and health methods

The construction industry is of high economic importance. It designs the quality of workplaces and creates the prerequisites for safe workplaces in all economic areas. Hence, a capable construction industry with safe and attractive work is in the interest of many fields of politics.

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For example, there are the following particularities regarding occupational safety and health in the construction industry:

  • lasting occurrence of classic hazards still to a great extent.
  • project-specific production of unique pieces in changing project structures.
  • working on construction sites outside of one's own headquarters.

The activities in this sector aim at two central dimensions of occupational safety and health:

  • securing the minimum standards of the industrial safety legislation, for example by taking into consideration industry-specific aspects in provisions and rules, through explanations and information, as well as through cooperation with other players in the field of occupational safety and health. Examples for this include the technical cooperation in the Committee on Workplaces (Ausschuss für Arbeitsstätten - ASTA), the collaboration within the of the German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy's (Gemeinsame Deutsche Arbeitsschutzstrategie - GDA) guidelines planning and execution of construction projects ("Leitlinie Planung und Ausführung von Bauvorhaben"), information on the Construction Sites Ordinance, and the federal coordinators day (Bundeskoordinatorentag).
  • implementing well-designed and well-organised work in an industry characterised by small- and medium-sized companies. The Offensive Gutes Bauen (Initiative "Advance Good Construction") is a platform for the aforementioned.

Thematic priorities result from the course of accidents, work-related and occupational diseases, boundary conditions, and the environment of companies, as well as the implementation of occupational safety and health instruments in companies.


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