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Economical and safe construction site set-up and equipment - planning, use and coordination

The right construction site set-up and equipment is the basis for safe and economical construction processes. It determines the quality of the work and the working conditions. In this respect, practical guides - a brochure, supplementary checklists and online information - provide an overview, which includes things like economic efficiency, occupational safety and health as well as technical and organisational feasibility. All of the safety factors at the construction site are taken into consideration, including the occupational safety and health, the duty of care towards third parties and the protection against theft and vandalism.

Planning the construction site set-up and equipment

An important prerequisite for a safe and economical construction project is the correct choice and dimensioning of the specific elements of the construction site set-up and equipment (SE). This includes choosing the types of elements, their dimensions and their location at the construction site. The mutual interdependencies between the elements, but also their impact on the chosen construction methods, must be taken into consideration, as do the influences on the construction itself, the nearby buildings and the environment, which are equally important. During the construction work, care must be taken to ensure that the specific elements are used safely and that their use is coordinated. The construction site set-up and equipment must be adapted accordingly in case of changes to the circumstances and processes of the construction work.

The considerable number and variety of different SE elements can be classified into five main groups:

  • Large and heavy-duty equipment (for example, cranes, truck-mounted concrete pumps),
  • Buildings, containers, construction trailers and construction site stores,
  • Traffic areas, transport routes, storage areas and parking spaces,
  • Supply of utilities and disposal of residual materials as well as
  • Construction site safety facilities as well as safety and protective equipment.

Online information and checklists

The most important SE elements from the main groups are described in further detail in nine practical guides ("online information"). Two checklists can also be used in order to plan the construction site set-up and equipment.

  1. Large and heavy-duty equipment
  2. Buildings, containers, construction vehicles and hoppers
  3. Traffic areas, transport routes, storage areas and parking spaces
  4. Supply of utilities
  5. Working and safety scaffolds, protection against falling and falling objects
  6. Construction site safety facilities
  7. Working in low-dust conditions, handling asbestos
  8. Separation and disposal of waste
  9. Emergencies, rescue operations
  10. "Inspecting the construction site" checklist
  11. "Planning the elements of the construction site" checklist
  12. Rules and regulations on the planning of safe construction site set-up and equipment

Guidelines on the use of checklists and online information

To assist with the planning of the SE, the user is supported by the two checklists "Inspecting the construction site" and "Planning the construction site equipment" as well as nine independent online information pages on the SE elements. These online information pages summarize the most important issues that have to be taken into account when planning the SE. A brief description is provided for all the key elements, such as cranes, office containers, site fences, as well as their planning and use. Explanations on the selection of the various elements and their dimensions are included. The explanatory section is supplemented by practical instructions for use, further information and the rules and regulations to be followed.

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