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Prior Notice - Preannouncement of the Construction Project with the competent Authority

For larger construction projects, it is necessary to pre-announce the project with a prior notice to starting any work.

The building contractor or a third party commissioned by him/her is responsible for providing the authority responsible for occupational safety and health with a prior notice two weeks prior to setting up the construction site at the latest. The prior notice must also be displayed visibly at the construction site.

Pursuant to § 2 section 2 Construction Site Ordinance, a prior notice must be filed for every construction site where

  1. the presumable duration of the work is more than 30 days and the maximum number of employees simultaneously performing work at any given time is 20 or
  2. the extent of the work presumably exceeds 500 person days.

In the event of essential changes, the prior notice must be adapted. The contents of the prior notice are compiled in annex I of the Construction Site Ordinance.

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