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Document for Subsequent Work - Planning Maintenance

Planning and compiling solutions for safe operation and maintenance.

The document for subsequent work mainly includes information on occupational safety and health for foreseeable maintenance work. Requirements regarding contents and form of the document are specified by the rule for Occupational Safety and Health on Construction Sites RAB 32 Document for Subsequent Work (specification under section 3 (2) No. 3 BaustellV) (Regel zum Arbeitsschutz auf Baustellen - RAB 32).

The coordinator must compile a document for subsequent work pursuant to § 3 section 2 of the Construction Site Ordinance. The building contractor may use this document to forward information regarding the safe operation and maintenance to the users and operators of a building. The document is also a means of communication.

The document focuses on everything that must be done in the fields of maintenance, inspection, and repair in the foreseeable future. The structural measures focus on work on rooftops, on façades, on the building services, as well as on elevated components that cannot be reached from the ground. Technical occupational safety and health measures often include structural measures planned and implemented in the construction project and then documented in the document for subsequent work. Often, coordinators provide an impetus regarding the development of solutions for safe and economic maintenance work and are involved in the planning work.

The maintenance is intended to ensure that a building can be used in a reliable manner, i.e. in the required quality and over the required duration. Practically every part of a physical structure has to be maintained at some point in time. The frequency and extent are very different in each case, however. From an economic point of view, it makes sense to plan maintenance work and to optimise them for the lifecycle. This also means that construction costs and future overheads must be pondered.

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