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Construction Site Ordinance: Planning and coordinating Occupational Safety and Health

The course for occupational safety and health is already set in the planning phase.

Building is a team effort. Communication, coordination, and cooperation are essential prerequisites for working well together and safely. The Construction Site Ordinance also obliges the building contractors to take into account occupational safety and health in the planning phase.

The Construction Site Ordinance includes the following obligations for building contractors:

  • when planning and executing the construction project, the general principles pursuant to § 4 Safety and Health at Work Act (ArbSchG) must be taken into account
  • for larger construction sites, prior notice shall be communicated to the competent authority
  • if several employers work on one construction site, a suitable coordinator must be appointed
  • for larger construction sites and/or particularly dangerous work, the building contractor must develop a safety and health protection scheme
  • the building contractor must compile a document for later work performed on the building works

Regeln zum Arbeitsschutz auf Baustellen (Rules for Occupational Safety and Health on Construction Sites - RAB) specify the Construction Site Ordinance. They were developed by the Committee for Safety and Health Protection on Construction Sites (Ausschuss für Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz auf Baustellen - ASGB). Practical help and information support the implementation.

Furthermore, actions and work programmes accompanied the implementation of the Construction Site Ordinance. For example, this included the work programme Bau- und Montagearbeiten (building and installation work) of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (Gemeinsame Deutsche Arbeitsschutzstrategie - GDA).

Specialist Information and Practical Help

SiGePlan - Safety and Health Plan

For many construction projects, the coordinator must develop a so-called SiGePlan (Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsschutzplan).

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Appointing a Coordinator according to the Construction Site Ordinance

Within the framework of many construction projects, the building contractor must appoint a suitable coordinator.

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Preannouncement of the Construction Project with the competent Authority

For larger construction projects, it is necessary to pre-announce the project with a prior notice to starting any work.

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