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Take into Consideration the Basic Principles of § 4 Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) in the Planning Stage and during the Execution of Construction Projects

In all construction projects, the basic principles pursuant to § 4 ArbSchG must be taken into consideration.

The RAB 33 specifies how the basic principles can be taken into consideration. The order of protective measures is particularly relevant. Avoid hazards as far is possible and minimise remaining hazards as far as possible; technical and organisational measures must be prioritised, individual measures are subordinate.

Regarding construction projects, the building contractor, coordinator, and employer are obliged to taken into consideration the basic principles of § 4 Occupational Health and Safety Act. This way, they can develop a joint understanding of the efficiency and order of measures.

In so doing, the special focus should be on the spatial and time-related assignment of the procedures and on specifying sufficiently long execution periods.

Within the framework of his/her activity, the coordinator should work towards the implementation of structural, technical, and organisational measures having a collective protective effect for several trades, as far as possible.


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