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Good Ward Organisation - a Guideline

Analyse - Evaluate - Design

Good ward organisation is absolutely indispensable - for a smooth operating procedure as well as for the health and motivation of the care personnel. The guideline shows how different fields of action of the work organisation are captured, evaluated, and improved.

Care in Germany faces huge challenges: an ageing population will require significantly more care services in the years to come. On the other side, there are fewer and fewer care personnel - due to demographics. Moreover, many carers change their profession after a few years. The reason for this can often be found when looking at the labour conditions such as shift work, working overtime, the lack of compatibility of family and career, as well as high physical and mental stress levels.
In order to check the quality of one's own labour conditions, the ward organisation guideline is suitable. The guideline is intended for care area management personnel, as well as the persons in charge of quality management, safety and health at the workplace. They can systematically assess their ward and their care facility, respectively, regarding safety and health and determine a corresponding need for action.

Checklists capture the current situation

Good ward organisation Checklists are an essential part of the process "Ward organisation - analyse, evaluate, and design". They are intended to systematically capture the current situation on a ward. Particularly practical: the checklists can be used as template. The printable PDF files with form and memory functions can be downloaded here (in German language).

The report "Work Organization of Hospital Wards" was published within the framework of the research project F 2253 "Entwicklung und Erprobung eines kriteriengeleiteten Bewertungs- und Gestaltungsverfahrens für die Stationsorganisation im Krankenhaus" (Development and testing of a criteria-oriented evaluation and design process for station organisation in the hospital) by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The recommendations for action of the guideline are based on the scientific findings mentioned therein.

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Work Organization of Hospital Wards

Development and testing of a criteria-oriented evaluation and design method

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